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    Energy Saving - Energy Sobriety - Energy Solidarity

    In the REScoop community, we believe in a holistic vision of the energy system. We want to build a local, integrated and responsible energy base where we can live and control our energy simply and collectively. This is why Energy Efficiency is so crucial. Because a Kwh that is not consumed will be cleaner, greener and cheaper than a Kwh that is produced.


    At REScoop.eu we believe that Energy Efficiency means energy savings, energy sobriety and energy solidarity. The goal is to achieve an equilibrium between consumption and renewable production. Energy efficiency also means encouraging responsible investments by members so that they can save money on their energy bills (kilowatt/hours), particularly those who are most vulnerable. We believe that cooperative engagement is a way to empower more energy efficient behavior, regardless of wealth.

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    A Toolbox

    Through various European Projects and with the participation of the members of the REScoop.eu federation, several tools where developed to help REScoops promote Energy Efficiency in their organisation and to help their members being more energy efficient.

    A Presentation of the REScoop PLUS project

    The REScoop PLUS project is developing a network and toolbox to support energy efficiency as a value-making activity for the REScoops. Our goal is to enact the Energy Efficiency First principle, by sharing the tools and techniques developed by REScoops for REScoops. The REScoop PLUS project is funded by the European Union under the H2020 program.   

    Publications on Energy Efficiency

    In this section you will find different kind of publications about Energy Efficiency. REScoop.eu is collaborating with several research institutes to have an evidence based approach in what we recommend to our members. We are also providing content directed to national and European policy makers in order to inform and encourage them to recognize the impact and opportunity REScoops bring along to build a more energy efficient Europe.

    News about the REScoop community

    In this section you will find news and updates about Energy Efficiency in the REScoop Community.

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