• Tools to help REScoops to promote Energy Efficiency


  • The Toolbox

    The REScoop PLUS project has produced a toolbox of best practices that are implemented in REScoops around Europe. Here you will find the collection of those best practices. If you are interested in working on energy efficiency in your cooperative, the REScoop PLUS team is able provide you with more tailored information and help you with the implementation of these best practices.

  • The REScoop PLUS Toolbox

    Our best practices are organised in two categories. The first category is Coaching Tools - in order to support individual members to save energy on their personal consumption. The second category is District Heating Tools - aiming to support the cooperative to be more collective and efficient in providing heat to its members.

    Click on the icon the reach directly the page of the best practice.

    District Heating Tools

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    The Package Approach

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    The Technical Support

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    The Optimized Return Flow

    Coaching Tools

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    Doctor Watt

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    Info Energia

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    Energie ID

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    The One Tariff Structure

  • Our Cooperatives

    The best practices have been developed and carried by established cooperatives. Below, you will find each of their profiles. We hope that those cooperatives inspire you to implement energy efficiency mechanisms in your own organisation.

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    The Belgian front runner

    Ecopower is one of the largest REScoops in Europe. Ecopower uses various renewable energy sources. They started producing hydro-power from restored and modernized historical watermills, run several solar projects with schools and their members, and now owns twenty two wind turbines. Membership grew from 47 members in 1999 with the initial hydro project to more than 53.000 members in 2017. The growth of this REScoop had two strong impulses. The first was the realisation of three wind turbines in the city of Eeklo, the second the 2003 decision of Ecopower’s general assembly to become an energy supplier in the Flanders region. The REScoop is owned and managed by and the members.

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    Som Energia

    The Spanish change-maker

    Som Energia is a consumer- owned cooperative. It started in 2009 with a group of students from the University of Girona. In 2018 it had around 42.000 members and and 72000 customers. They also invested more than 12 million euros in renewable energy production. Its goal is to produce as much renewable electricity as their members use.

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    The French game-changer

    Enercoop was created in 2005 by environmental groups like Greenpeace, Biocoop and Friends of the Earth. In 2007 they started supplying energy to individual consumers. In early 2018 they supplied energy to more than 50 000 consumers, have 29 000 members and have 150 employees in a network of 10 cooperatives.

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    EBO Consult

    The Danish exemple

    EBO Consult manages administrative and technical tasks of several local district heating non-profit companies. One of the administrative and technical tasks that EBO Consult manages for Hvidovre Fjernvarme is to expand district heating in Hvidovre, which is a suburb in Copenhagen. The company was founded in 1931 as a consultancy company that focussed on district heating for social housing organisations The company has 13 employees.

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    Süd-Tirol Energie Verband

    The Italian exception

    The Südtiroler Energieverband (SEV) has been originally founded in 1998. It is an association of renewable energy producers and distributors in the South Tyrolean area and governed as a cooperative. SEV has 300 members. These members are producers and distributors of heat and electricity. Most of them are cooperatives, some public and private companies. Ten people are directly working for SEV, however, including also the members staff hundreds of people are involved in supplying and producing clean energy.

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