• The Technical Support

  • A continuous check

    The FJR-ordning (Technical Support) is a check of the consumers heating installations every second year. The first check is a check of their district heating unit and an energy audit of the house. The second check is a maintenance check of the district heating unit in order to adjust and be more energy efficient.

    A cooperative approach

    The technician and the checks are paid by the REScoop. The members have the choice or not after the first check to change their district heating unit if necessary. The REScoop will then support the member to find an installer and to make the right choice of heating unit.

    Collective efficiency

    The Cooperative in Denmark is paying for each addition heating degree (26 889 euros) when sending water back to the TSO. Therefore, it is more efficient for the cooperative to facilitate the refurbishing of the district heating units of the members. This is especially true for the energy poor members. Therefore, the cooperative has been offering payment plans and incentives to support the vulnerable members of the community.

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  • Our Expert

    If you are looking to implement the Technical Support, get in contact with me !

    Erik Christiansen

    Erik holds a master degree in Law. He has been employed in the Ministry of the Interior (municipality and health), in a Mayor's office in a municipality. For 21 years Erik has been the CEO of EBO Consult, which he helped create. He is also the founder of Middelgrunen, the wind cooperative from Copenhagen.

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  • Erik presenting the Technical Support in a few minutes

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