• REScoop PLUS

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    The REScoop Plus project aims to make REScoops in Europe go beyond their activities of producing and supplying energy and take up energy savings for their members as a new pillar in their organisations.

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    WP1 - Project Management

    You will find here the documents related to the management of the project, and our consortium.

    Leader: Level Up

    WP2 - Statistical Analysis

    This part of the work was focused on the statistical analysis of the impact of the best practices on the cooperative members.
    Leader: Technical University of Crete

    . Zero-point report on data of supplying REScoops


    . Methodology of Analysis


    . Data Analysis Report


    . Final Data Analysis Report

    WP3 - Behavioral Analysis

    This part of the work was focused on analysing the behavioral impact of the best practices on the cooperative members. We also analysed behavioral changes due to the cooperative engagement.

    Leader: Technical University of Twente

    WP4 - Selection of the Best Practices

    In this work package, we selected and graded the best practices. You will find here the finished product : the Toolkit.

    Leader: ODE Decentraal

    WP5 - Implementation of the Toolbook

    This work was focused on the implementation of the Toolkit. We tested the implementation the best practices inside our consortium first before proposing it to external partners.

    Leader : Coopernico

    . Action plans for implementing the Toolkit (on-going)


    . Report on workshops for market uptake (on-going)


    . Recorded In-house training (see BP pages)

    WP6 - Legal Environement Analysis

    In order to deliver best practices that will suit our members throughout Europe, we carried out a legal analysis of the European and National environements.

    Leader: REScoop.eu

    WP7 - Dissemination and Exploitation

    This last piece of the work is related to communicating, disseminating and exploitating our results.

    Leader: REScoop.eu

    . Reports of Synergie Workshops (on-going)


    . Reports on Policy Meetings (on-going)


    . Report on the Academic Conference of REScoop PLUS (on-going)


    . Report on the Final Conference of REScoop PLUS (on-going)

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  • Check out our sister projects !

    Social Science and Humanities projects is a large family and we are proud to introduce you to other projects working along side us.

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    eTEACHER aims to reduce energy consumption through more conscious energy behaviour of energy end-users in a wide range of buildings and through tailored methods and strategies.

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    ECHOES stands for “Energy CHOices supporting the Energy Union and the Set-Plan”. It is a research project that provides a deeper understanding of individual and collective energy-related choices and behaviour to ensure that the Energy Union comes to life in the most efficient and effective way.

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    ENABLE.EU is a research project looking to identify the key factors of energy choices in three areas: transport, heating and cooling, and electricity. The goal is to better grasp the interactions between individual and collective energy choices. It will also provide insight and strategic policy recommendations

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    ENERGISE is an innovative pan-European research initiative to achieve a scientific understanding of the social and cultural influences on energy consumption. It develops and assesses options aimed at transforming the quality and quantity of energy use among households and communities across Europe.

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    ENTRUST focuses on the social dimension of the energy system, moving beyond the ‘energy as a commodity’ paradigm. Developing the concept of energy citizenship, the project takes an intersectional approach to analysing the effects gender, age, and socioeconomic status have on transitioning to a low carbon energy system. It develops tools to support the public dialogue at european level.

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    SHAPE-ENERGY is an innovative platform uniting those who ‘demand’ energy research, because they can use it to develop practical initiatives, with those who ‘supply’ that research. It will create space for these two groups to meet and collaborate in ‘shaping’ the European energy agenda. In order to build a shared understanding of what is needed and what is possible, while stretching collective ambition.

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    PENNY designs scientific experiments in the domain of consumer behaviour in order to improve the development of energy efficiency policies. The project will assess the role played by extrinsic incentives, and also environmental self-identity, social values, bounded rationality, cognitive misperceptions as well as energy literacy in promoting energy efficient behavior.


    Click below for more on the CORDIS website

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