• The One Tariff Structure

  • The One Tariff Structure in a few words


    With the "One Tariff Structure", Ecopower (BE) implemented a very simple principle. The essence of the measure is to offer "one price per KWh", for all the customers of the cooperative, regardless of where they live or how much they consume. Ecopower sends an invoice to all its customers (and therefore members) on a yearly basis. The tariffs are defined every year by the cooperative depending on taxes, transportation costs and energy prices.


    The transparency of this measure helped the customers of the cooperative to better understand their bill. This, in turn encouraged them to save KWh, simply in order to save money. Finally, this mechanism supports the deployment personal solar installations by getting rid of fixed costs in the bill. The members of the cooperative highly appreciate the clear and simple invoice and the way billing and rational energy use is explained.

    Financial Stability

    The customers of Ecopower all paid the same price, although the costs to the cooperative vary depending on the grid region. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this financial imbalance can be handled by the REScoop. Ecopower stopped using the one tariff structure in 2015 because the costs became too high.

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    If you are looking to implement the One Tariff System, get in contact with me !

    Jim William

    Jim is the general coordinator of Ecopower. He is an industrial engineer specialised in eletro-mechanics and also has an MBA. He has been the chairman of the Board of Ecopower since 1999. He is responsible for the deployment of the one tariff structure of Ecopower, as well as the structuring of the IT and invoicing system of the cooperative.

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  • Jim presenting the One Tariff Structure in a few minutes

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