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  • Energie ID in a few words

    An information tool

    Energie ID is a plateform for the active customers of Ecopower (BEL). Customer fill in their own data on the easy to use platform on a monthly basis. This data is used by Energie ID to create a future profile of their consumption and the compare them to similar households. The platform is also giving access for customers to groups where they can get support to be more energy efficient by an energy expert from Ecopower.

    An open platform

    Energie ID is a cooperative with a social purpose and has engage itself to protect the data of its user. But it is also making a specific effort to accept data from all types of smart meters and devices. The users can also have access to their data easily.

    A collective goal

    The goal of Energie ID is to inform the energy consumers, but also to offer the opportunity to citizen collectives (like cooperative and municipality) to support their members to save energy. Energie ID is enabling groups and facilitators.

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  • Our expert

    If you are looking to implement Energie ID, get in contact with me !

    Vincent Dierickx

    Vincent works full time on accelerating the energy transition. After studying civil engineering, Jazz drums and energy monitoring, he co-founded the cooperative EnergieID cvba. He is providing energy monitoring and expertise services and is developing the EnergieID platform.

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  • Vincent presenting Energie ID in a few minutes

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    Ana Rita from Coopernico

    "The EnergyID had a good adherence from Coopérnico’ members. The feedback we have had from our members is positive. From Coopérnico's point of view, it was also very positive for the cooperative to be able to offer an energy-saving tool, which was the first one in our case. The financial support and technical support from project Rescoop Plus were essential for the implementation of this tool in Portugal."

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    Davide from Enostra

    "Energie ID is Italy allowed our members to better understand their consumption. Following the launch of the platform, we could use the tool to engage our members and support of efforts to become more efficient collectively."

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