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The more you know about energy, the lighter the bill

By Enostra - IT

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In its daily activity ènostra is experiencing a frequent interaction with its members, via call center, via e-mail or with individual/collective meetings. Thanks to this two-way dialogue, the REScoop is being progressively perceived more trustworthy, reliable, transparent and close to its members and customers.

These statements are to some extent confirmed by the results of the survey - led by the University of Twente researchers within the EU project REScoop Plus – which, in May 2017, involved about 150 respondents (one hundred of which members of ènostra). Some key outcomes of the survey can be summarised as follows:

  • the great majority of people interviewed has expressed: sensitivity to the climate and environment issues; deep interest in renewable energy, energy savings and transparent tariffs; a lack of trust in big traditional companies, belief in ènostra effectiveness in delivering services aimed at decreasing consumption and improving autoproduction plus rational use of energy;
  • 38% of ènostra members participating to the survey have declared that, after becoming a REScoop member, energy saving has become more important to them. 64% of members have learned to pay more attention to local production of clean energy;
  • 68% of respondents aims at reducing their own energy consumption and 80% has the purpose to progressively improve energy efficiency at home. On this regard, 21% plans investment above 5.000 € in the next future for renewable production and energy saving (another 10% plans to spend between 2.500-5.000 € on that)
  • 85% believes that REScoops do offer better energy service than traditional suppliers and 61% is interested in knowing ènostra energy services. 47% of interviewed states that ènostra helps in increasing energy knowledge in their family.

This interesting premise paves the way for the implementation of Energie ID – whose launch at national scale from ènostra is scheduled for January 2018 - to help families and organisations to manage their energy and water consumption as well as their transport kilometers and renewable production. ènostra members, as well as and other customers, will sign up with an account on EnergieID and on a monthly basis they will fill in their energy use. Wherever possible, data-integrations will be provided to automate data entry. Then together with the help desk service of ènostra the invoice and consumption will be analysed, discussed and compare it with similar households.

ènostra is working to reinforce its ability to spread the culture of sustainability and to raise awareness in members and customers about their household consumption and their potential on energy saving and production. At this purpose, in addition to traditional communication tools (website, newsletter, social networks), from the beginning of October ènostra is on air every week as co-author of a radio program named “C’è luce” (There’s light), broadcast by Radio Popolare (a regional radio, placed in Milan, reaching an audience of about 500.000 people/week and about 200.000 people/day). A 60’ live program dedicated to climate, environment, market energy and some other topics, with an open-mic session reserved to the opportunities and solutions for customers aiming at reducing their carbon footprint and to answer to a variety of questions about bills structure, market rules and actors, fraud attempts, instruction on how to change supplier and how to reduce consumption. Because the more you know about energy, the lighter the bill turns out.

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