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The European Parliament’s vote on the Clean Energy Package: an opportunity to empower Europe’s energy citizens

European Plenary Vote

· Policy

The team of the REScoop PLUS project, represented by is following the current debates at the European Parliament. Our project highlights the role and impact of the energy cooperatives on delivering energy efficiency to all energy citizens of Europe.

Energy communities (i.e. Renewable energy cooperatives, or REScoops) provide opportunities for all European citizens to benefit from the energy transition. As a vehicle for local ownership and control of renewable energy projects, energy communities contribute to regional economic development, retaining value locally and contributing to the achievement of the EU’s decarbonization objectives.

In its upcoming vote on the Renewable Energy Directive, the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Governance Regulation, the European Parliament has an unprecedented opportunity to send a strong signal that it supports the role of citizens in the energy transition.

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