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The best practice report: how to by ODE Decentraal

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Selection of best practices

REScoopPlus is all about to find good practices in Europe involving energy savings. The project partners are mostly professional energy supplying REScoops. The paradox of a good practice in a REScoop is that it never really is communicated outside their membership base. A REScoops exists for its members so REScoops do not have the goal to sell or communicate its activities outside the organisation. REScoopPlus tries to overcome this issue because others can learn a lot from their experience.


To do that we will have and look at all activities our partners take for energy saving among their members. Since there are many activities and not all of them are best practices we need to make a selection. In order to do this we established several selection criteria to test and score these activities. These criteria focus on:


Goal efficiency
Pre-investments and share of costs
Market up take


Energy savings is an important aspect in reaching the renewable energy targets of 2020. We do not have much time for experiments and pilots. We need to take up those activities that have passed that stage. Therefore we only work with proven concepts.


Once we have established the best practices of energy saving activities of REScoop in Europe, REScoopPlus can communicate this to the all REScoops and local governments involved in energy saving. Instead of inventing 3000 local wheels we can speed up the process by starting with good practices that have already proven to work.