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Synergy Workshop in Culmeborg

We met in Culemborg with the Dutch cooperatives.

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With the support of OME and ODE Decentraal, we met in Culemborg with the representatives of Dutch REScoops. Our conversations were turning around the best practices, the toolkit and the deployments in Europe. We experimented with the format and presentations of the toolkit, in order to ensure maximum penetration of the Market Uptake.

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The day started with a presentation of the "Consumer's Journey", principle developed by OME in the Netherlands. XXX introduced this new methodology to think about Energy Efficiency and choices made by the consumers.

We followed with presentation from our energy experts on the best practices and on topics related.

In the energy saving stream, we started with the presentation of the results of the academic studies. We then listened to presentations from each experts. We finished with table discussions, in order to allow for participants to discuss their projects more specifically.

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In the district heating stream, our experts started with a general overview of the district heating systems. A dutch cooperative also presented their project and the potential business model in the Netherlands. Finally, the experts presented the best practices and offered solutions to develop them in the Netherlands.

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The day finished on a high note with 80 people attending the event. We are thanking the team of the Gelderlandfabriek for welcoming us in Culemborg.

And now on the Greece for the first National Workshop in Athenes !

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