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REScoop PLUS, a cooperative engagement: a message from our coordinator

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There is huge potential for energy saving especially when citizens become green energy cooperative members.

Experience shows that estimated 5% savings are generated just by the awareness gained by joining a REScoop, but REScoop Plus aims far beyond.

There is wide experience gathered by veteran REScoops in Europe which is now to be analyzed, streamlined and replicated. That’s why, after having completed the inventory and data analysis of all actions of all REScoops participating in the project concerning energy savings among members/consumers on all fields, this month we start a new line of work, with the objective of sharing and selecting of REScoop best practices.

First will take the state of the art of involving members/consumers in energy saving and share the knowledge among the supplying REScoops so that they can be replicated and implemented in all Europe.

Secondly we will create a best practice toolkit that can be implemented in pilot REScoops. The toolkit will be available online in English and will have compartmentalized set-up with practices and tools divided by: technical tools; tariff incentives; business models that accommodate energy savings; communication (including billing structure); and community actions-members.

The expectation is to collect and select the best practices and make it easy to consult and share among all REScoops that are in anyway engaged to our project. In terms of Communication all the mentioned best practices will be thoroughly disseminated among the main stakeholders and workshops will be organized for its dissemination and training implementation.

ODE will be responsible to will carry out this work and will take place until February 2018 when the Best practices Toolkit will be finally published and available online for everyone.