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Infoenergia of Som Energia

Information beyond invoice for saving and efficiency energy

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Som Energia was founded in 2010 by 150 persons in Girona. It became the first green energy cooperative in Spain and reaches, in near 7 years, more than 35.000 members and 50.000 supply contracts.

Inspired in already existing european cooperatives (Rescoops) as Enercoop or Ecopower, Som Energia started with the objective to set up new renewables projects to get our demand for electricity covered by clean energy.

A few years later, we started a new service focused on offering understandable consumption information to our clients beyond mensual energy invoices. This service, called Infoenergia, tries to help our clients to understand better their energy consumption habits, receive saving advices and compare their behaviour with other similar customers.

Why infoenergia service?

  • More information beyond energy invoices.
  • Improve knowledgement about electrical use.
  • Contract optimization (capacity, tariff,...).
  • Promote saving and energy efficiency to our clients.

Create a new communication channel focused on electrical comercialization activity.

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This service was well adopted by customers but we need to rethink on it when we have more data from new smart meters that are being implemented during these years in Spain.

With this new data sources we could send advices on changing tariffs, adjust capacity contratation and make an analysis of their consumption on every season (in winter you need more electricity than in summer).

Not only sending periodical reports but also with a website with additional information as hourly consumption curves that are very useful to decide if some self-consumption installation will be good in some cases.

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We think that this kind of services, with the purpose to help us save energy, is necessary and very urgent to implement it on green suppliers. Suppliers which want to change the actual energy system towards a new energy model based on efficiency, renewables and with a whole citizen participation.


People need to understand more and more about energy topics to become an active part of this change. All of us are called to reduce our energy needs and be a renewable generators, individually or collectively.

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