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Enostra meets the need of citizens and companies asking for renewable and ethical power

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Enostra is the first not for profit and democratic renewable energy national supplier in Italy. A citizens energy initiative - promoted by Avanzi, Retenergie, EnergoClub – with the aim of enhancing the amount of renewables on the global production and consumption of energy and thus contributing to transition to a low carbon energy system.


To make sure that the energy sold to the members is either sustainable and ethical, ènostra developed its own evaluation tool, with the supervision and validation of a Scientific Committee. This “sustainability matrix” is applied both to each renewable plant (photovoltaics, hydro and wind technologies) and to the company owner. Among the exclusion criteria, the tool assesses that the producer is not involved in fossil power production, nor has economic connection or interests on fossil fuels. On one hand this choice aims at avoiding bare green washing practices, and on the other it support renewable energy production, with Guarantees of Origin, with particular regard for collective and socially accepted plants.


ènostra started delivering energy in March 2016. At date it supplies about 750 members. “Even though we're still talking about some hundreds of members”, says Davide Zanoni, president of the company, “it is well known that the number of citizens and enterprises asking for renewable power, certified with Guarantees of Origin, is rapidly increasing. Between 2012 and 2016 in Europe the demand for clean power has increased with an average yearly rate of +14%. Italy is amongst the countries with higher growth and ènostra represents a trustworthy answer for these aware and critical consumers”.


Day after day the cooperative is building strong and longlasting networks among similar organizations and a deep committment of a variety of local and national media partners with a common vision and will. “Together we are planning big steps forward for 2017”, anticipates Zanoni “helping members, and the broader community, to reduce the overall consumption with specific tools and services, as expected within RESCoop plus project, and to choose sustainable energy”.

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