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A successful story – how to engage and involve children and adults in energy savings!

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Sunday the 5th of February 2017, EBO Consult A/S arranged a “Heating day” to commit, engage, and inform the citizens of Hvidovre about district heating and energy savings. The day was a success – around 200 citizens visited us within 4 hours, including the local newspaper.


How to target different consumers

In order to target children and their parents, we organized an outdoor and online treasure hunt by using the GPS function of smartphones. On the treasure hunt, participants found clues about district heating and energy savings, placed nearby and inside a CHP-plant. In the end, the participants were rewarded with a bag of goodies and a cooling label, which was a sticker that simple and easily can check the cooling of the heating installation, e.g. radiators. After the sticker is placed at the return side of the radiator, a sad smiley appears if the radiator is too hot, and, thus, has a poor cooling, which is equal to a low energy efficiency. Together with the cooling label, a flyer with advises on how to avoid poor cooling, where given to the participants.


In addition to the treasure hunt, we arranged information stands, where citizens could learn more about:


Energy savings – our energy advisor informed about energy saving measures, such as “Danfoss One”, which is an intelligent and automatic system, where you can control the house temperature from your smartphone. It is developed by Danfoss, which is a Danish manufacturing company.

FJR-ordning – a free technical service check we provide our consumers. The first check is a check of their district heating units and a thorough energy analysis of their houses. After the first check, a follow-up check will happen every second year.


We also informed about the temporary results from the analysis of FJR-ordning in REScoop PLUS, performed by the Technical University of Crete. The temporary results demonstrate that the consumers who have accepted the FJR-ordning have reduced their energy consumption with 20 % in average.


E-forsyning – an online platform, where our consumers can check their heating consumption, heating budget, and bills, etc.

District heating – information about how to accept district heating. Furthermore, the cooperative story of the district heating system was told as a surplus to the general information.


During the day, we served free food and drinks.


What is the aim?

The aim of the “Heating day” is to convert our consumers from being passive to active, knowledgeable and responsible heating consumers, which ultimately benefit the environment and the consumers themselves in the shape of a lower heating bill. We also aim to strengthen the relationship between the utility cooperative, Hvidovre Fjernvarme, and its consumers. An event as the “Heating day” is a way to accomplish it, and because of the success, we have decided that it is going to be a yearly event.


About EBO Consult
EBO Consult A/S is a private company, specialized in managing district heating cooperatives (based upon renewable energy and biogasification), energy savings and related consulting, wind energy, and solar energy. The main focus of EBO Consult A/S is district heating, and we perform administrative and technical tasks for our district heating companies, called Avedøre Fjernvarme, Rebæk Søpark, and FD Hvidovre – altogether the cooperatives are called Hvidovre Fjernvarme.

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