• Tools to help REScoops to promote Energy Efficiency


  • The Toolbox

    The REScoop PLUS project has produced a toolbox of best practices that were implemented in REScoops around Europe. You will find here the collection of those best practices. Our team will help you implement them in your cooperative to make it more energy efficient.

  • Best practices

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    Energie ID

    Energie ID is a plateform for the active customers of Ecopower (BEL). Customer fill in their own data on the easy to use plateform on a monthly basis. This data is used by Energie ID to create a future profil of their consumption and the compare them to similar households. The plateform is also giving access for customers to groups where they can get support to be more energy efficient by an energy expert from Ecopower.

    The Package Deal

    EBO Consult manages administrative and technical tasks of several local district heating non profit companies. One of the administrative and technical tasks of EBO Consult is the expansion of disctrict heating area. In order to realize a project, 30% of the heat demand has to be converted to district heating. A packaged deal is proposed to all the area with the same price.

    Single Tariff System

    Members of Ecopower get a yearly invoice of the cooperative. The tariffs are set every year by the cooperative depending on taxes, transportation costs and energy prices. In terms of communication, understanding and explanation of their energy bills and rational energy use many cooperative members enjoy the simple and clear invoice.

    Dr Watt

    Dr Watt is an online tool including an in-person training course to help consumers make a self diagnosis of their energy consumption. The service is offered by Enercoop to all consumers both members and non-members. The report produced by the tool allows you to have a specific look at each of the applicance making it very effective.

    Technical Support

    The FJR-ordning is a check of the consumers heating installations every second year. The first check is a check of their district heating unit and an energy audit of the house. The second check is a maintenance check of the district heating unit in order to adjust and be more energy efficient.

    Return Flow Temperature Optimization

    In order to optimize their district heating, and therefore save energy, SEV uses the measure of return flow temperature optimization. This is a tariff incentive for consummers to use energy outside peak consumption.

    Info Energia

    Som Energia started with InforEnergia as an extra service for their members. Instead of just sending invoices, Som Energia also sends reports on the energy use of their customers. In this report customers are compared with similar housshold benchmarcks and with previous periods. They also get personnalized energy saving tips.

  • Meet our Energy Experts

    Below you can find our Energy Experts. They can help you implementing the tools within your organisation.

  • Rie Krabsen

    Rie holds a bachelor degree in social science from the university of Roskilde and a mast degree in cross-cultural studies from the University of Copenhagen Business School. She has mainly worked with issues in social science, international trust-building,diversity management, cultural and behavioral differences and change.

    Jim Williame

    Jim is the general coordinator of Ecopower. He is an industrial engineer for eletro-mechanics and also has an MBA. He has been the chairman of the Board of Ecopower since 1999. He is responsible for the deployment of the one tariff structure of Ecopower, as well as the structuring of the IT and invoicing system of the cooperative.

    Marc Roselló

    Marc has been involved in the creation of the cooperative Som Energia since its inception in 2010. Marc is the energy efficiency consultant a member of InfoEnergia's team. He can help other REScoops to implement InfoEnergia.

    Mohamed Sifaoui

    Mohamed has an MSc in Energy and advanced materials, renewable energy section at the University of Cergy-Pontoise and an MSc in Management and Sustainable development of the ISEADD.

    He is the project officer for energy saving issues at the Enercoop network. He is helping the french cooperatives to integrate energy savings services.

    Vincent Dierickx

    Vincent works full time on accelerating the energy transition. After studying civil engineering, Jazzdrums and energy monitoring, he co-founded the cooperative EnergieID cvba. He is providing energy monitoring and expertise services and is developing the EnergieID platform.

    Christoph Larch

    Chritopher is a partner of SYNECO ltd, an engineering and consultancy company focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy. He is specializing in the public service sector with over 15 years' experience. Christoph authored various papers in digitalization, machine learning and big data.

    Erik Christiansen

    Erik holds a master degree in Law. He has been employed in the Ministery of the Interior (municipality and health), in a Mayor's office in a municipality. For 21 years Erik has been the CEO of EBO Consult, which he helped create. He is also the founder of Middelgrunen, the wind cooperative from Copenhagen.

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