• The Package Approach

  • District Heating

    EBO Consult manages administrative and technical tasks of several local district heating non profit companies. One of the administrative and technical tasks of EBO Consult is the expansion of district heating area. In order to realise a project, 30% of the heat demand has to be converted to district heating. A packaged deal is proposed to all the area with the same price.


    The Package Approach is a marketing tool that allows for a greater engagement of the community. By making a collective proposal, EBO is engaging directly the members of the community to act and think collectively. The only way to reach the required level of sign ups is for the community to mobilize.

    Wider Access

    By offering a packaged price, EBO is able to offer a lower price to the individual actors (6000 euros per installation). Therefore, members with lower budget can access district heating at a lower price.

  • Our expert

    If you are looking to implement the Package Approach, get in contact with me !

    Rie Krabsen

    Rie holds a bachelor degree in social science from the university of Roskilde and a mast degree in cross-cultural studies from the University of Copenhagen Business School. She has mainly worked with issues in social science, international trust-building,diversity management, cultural and behavioral differences and change.

  • Rie presenting the Package Approach in a few minutes

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