• Dr Watt

  • Dr Watt in a few words

    A cocktail

    Dr Watt is a package of measures. It is an online tool coupled with an offline training program and also an online wiki populated collaboratively.

    A community

    Dr Watt is a tool to take the cooperative engagement of the members to the next level. The Tupperwatt groups that are formed through the offline training are a great way to create a sense of community amongst the members. Those groups are fertile grounds to make the energy more tangible to the members and therefore help them to save KWh.

    A business model

    The Dr Watt training program is deployed as a paid service to the members or external organisations. Currently at Enercoop, the training costs for a single person is 39 euros and for an organisation 500 euros for a group of 20 participants.

  • Our expert

    If you are looking to implement Dr Watt, get in contact with me !

    Mohamed Sifaoui

    Mohamed has an MSc in Energy and advanced materials, renewable energy section at the University of Cergy-Pontoise and an MSc in Management and Sustainable development of the ISEADD.

    He is the project officer for energy saving issues at the Enercoop network. He is helping the french cooperatives to integrate energy savings services.

  • Mohamed presenting Dr. Watt in a few minutes

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